A better way to order and pay

Whether you’re splitting the bill at a restaurant, ordering food to your seat at the cinema, or pre-ordering your child’s lunch, Qkr with Masterpass makes it easy.

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Use Qkr at:


Split the bill and pay from your phone


Pre-order your child’s lunch up to 2 weeks in advance


Food and drinks delivered right to your seat at cinemas and stadiums


Make a donation from your smartphone

Save Time

Qkr with Masterpass makes ordering and paying for food and drinks faster than ever – get what you want when you’re ready to order, and pay when you’re done

Split the Bill

Easily split the bill with a group without having to use a calculator or ask a server for separate bills.

Never Miss a Moment

Nobody wants to miss a great shot or a magical movie moment. With Qkr you can get food and drinks delivered right to your seat at stadiums and cinemas.

Pay for your Child’s Lunch

Qkr for schools means you’re not sending your child to school with cash, and you can have the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be covered for lunch.


A Better Way to Pay

Split the bill and pay without reaching for you wallet or getting out of your seat.

Secure Purchases

Purchases are protected by 
layers of Masterpass security

Easy to Use

Order and pay for goods and 
services with a few taps

Your Phone, Your Money

Set up your debit or credit card to 
pay directly with your smartphone

Qkr Perks

Get money-saving coupons and rewards exclusive to Qkr users

Advanced Security

Safety is our top priority – and we know it’s yours, too.

Powered by Mastercard, your Qkr account is protected by multiple layers of security so it’s guarded from fraudulent use, and there when you need it.

Make your experience Qkr!

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