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With features like bill splitting and in-seat delivery, Qkr with Masterpass lets your customers pre-order and pay for goods and services directly from their mobile devices. Brought to you by Masterpass.

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What if you could provide an unparalleled dining experience?

Improved efficiency

Increase table turnovers up to 15% by cutting the time it takes to close a bill

Increase check amounts

Upsell menu items through the app while freeing servers to take additional orders

Better experience

Deliver a better experience by letting customers pre-order, split the bill and and pay for service from their mobile device

How Wagamama uses Qkr

Since partnering with Qkr, Wagamama has increased cross-sell, improved customer experience, and loyalty retention.

“The Qkr! with MasterPass payment app provides us with a great solution, allowing customers to control when they want to pay through a simple and secure download app. Whether they are having a quick bite at lunchtime and need to get back to work or are having dinner before a show, putting them in control of paying when they are ready makes for a more relaxing dining experience.”

-Richard Tallboy, Director of Business Development, wagamama

Empower your customers

With Qkr, patrons can order and pay when they want – without having to wait for a occupied server.

Maximize revenue

Introduce a new sales channel to attract new customers and generate incremental spend from existing customers

It’s the little details that keep customers happy at mealtimes, whether they’re a young family or a group of work colleagues in a hurry. The benefits of Qkr! are easy to see for both our diners and our staff.” 

-Doug Wooten, head of IT for the Azzurri Group which owns Ask Italian and Zizzi

Integrate with ease 

Whether it’s the native app, or a white label solution, our APIs and SDKs make it easy to benefit from Qkr offerings.

Smart analytics – capitalize on what works

Our Qkr store manager provides you with real time insight on consumer spending

Give your customers the VIP experience with mobile ordering for in-seat delivery or collect

Improve efficiencies

Mobile orders ease the burden on concession stand workers and offer alternate sales channels

Increase average ticket size

Understand what they’re buying and what they’re not buying and upsell menu items in app

Serve a superior experience

In-seat concession delivery means your customers never have to miss a moment

Keep a Good Thing Going

Patrons can continue enjoying the show without having to leave their seats to place their orders

Maximize Revenue

Introduce a new sales channel to attract new customers and promote greater spend from existing customers

Reduce Concession Congestion

Patrons can pre-order their food and drinks and have it delivered in seat, or can collect it at a dedicated pick up line

Smart Analytics – Capitalize on What Works

With the Qkr Store Manager you can real-time insight on customer spending

“Hoyts has long embraced new technology to give our guests the ultimate cinema experience.  Digital and 3D advances have revolutionised the on-screen magic and now QkR will eliminate the hassle of having to leave the cinema auditorium to place another food or drink order.”

– Hoyts’ Chief Executive Officer, Delfin Fernandez 

Integrate with Ease

Whether it’s the native Qkr app, or our APIs and SDKs make it easy to benefit from Qkr offerings

An easier way to manage school payments for parents and schools

Payments for all departments

Fees, canteen orders, books, uniforms, excursions can all be ordered and paid for with Qkr

Reduced cash handling

Reduce the cost and other challenges associated with the collection of cash on school premises

Improved operations

Enhanced preparation and delivery of canteen and uniform orders  

Happy parents, happy staff

Deliver a sense of control to parents and streamline the school payments process for staff

Working with Schools 

Check out our testimonial video, featuring some of the schools we work with.

Settlements Direct to your Account

Receive fast, secure settlements straight to your school bank account. Built, owned and operated by Mastercard.

Administrative Efficiencies

Reduce the time school staff and volunteers spend on administrative tasks such as processing school payments, reporting, and parent enquiries.

Reduced Cash Handling

Reduce the collection of cash on school premises, and the associated cost, time, and security issues.

Improved Operations

Enhance preparation and delivery of food on uniform orders so staff can utilize their time more effectively.

Integrate with Ease

Whether it’s the native Qkr app, or our APIs and SDKs make it easy to benefit from Qkr offerings

Save Parents’ Time

Qkr saves parents time by providing a convenient and efficient way for them to order and pay for school lunches, uniforms, and lots more.  

Card Payment Choice

Qkr accepts all scheme debit/credit cards to offer a wide variety of payment choice.


An easier way to order and pay


Powered by Masterpass, so you know payments are secure

Improved operations

Reduce administrative load by automating orders and payments

Simple implementation

Connect with Qkr’s APIs and SDKs and get started today

Qkr for Petrol

We’ve partnered with Paymentez to enable consumers to pay for petrol, without having to enter the store

Qkr for Donations

The Qkr platform can also be deployed to simplify donations

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We work with global brands across several verticals.
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Industry Recognition

Best Retailers Adoption of 
Emerging Payments Technology

Irish Times Innovation 
Award 2016

Payments Awards 2016

Retail Systems Awards 2017

Qkr lets your customers order and pay for goods & services directly from their smartphones.